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Silence is not Golden

Have you heard of Selective Mutism? Do you know what living with Selective Mutism is like?

Selective Mutism is an extreme form of anxiety disorder, a much more serious version of social anxiety phobia — and much more prone to being misunderstood by people who haven’t heard of it.

Silence is not Golden depicts the journey of Nigel Ng, who was diagnosed with Selective Mutism as a young boy. Nigel suffered many setbacks but overcame most of them, though he still struggles with the condition today.

This book dispels the myths and stereotypes of Selective Mutism. It says what Nigel has been wishing to say but couldn’t for a very long time. It provides a voice for those with Selective Mutism. It Breaks the Silence for the Silent.

October is Selective Mutism Awareness Month. It is an opportunity to understand and respect Selective Mutism sufferers. By buying this book, you help them raise awareness. By reading this book, you take a step to understand their condition better, to remember that it is not their choice to be silent, and to fight the stigma of mental illnesses.

Thank you for your support.

This book is an insightful, honest and reflective narration of Nigel’s fight against Selective Mutism. He has shown tremendous courage and endurance in his journey, and continues to embrace new experiences and challenges with open arms. Nigel shares with us the beauty of accepting our vulnerabilities and spirit of living life to the fullest.

Louisa Tan, Clinical Psychologist

Enter the mind of a Selective Mutism


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